Make your voice heard about SB 1004

Dear CCGG Members and Associates,

Please see the communication below from the California Commission on Aging regarding Senate Bill (SB) 1004. This bill could result in a diversion of mental health resources away from vulnerable older adult populations. Please act to ensure that our limited mental health resources are fairly distributed to all of those in need.

Communication from the California Commission on Aging:

Dear Providers and supporters of older adult mental health services:

SB 1004 (Weiner) would give children and youth priority over other age groups for the use of Prop. 63 MHSA Prevention & Early Intervention funds. This bill disregards the extensive work of stakeholders in developing the PEI priorities, as well ignores as the current rates of adult and older adult suicides and unmet mental health needs. There is no argument that more must be done to provide mental health services for the young, but not at the expense of the fastest growing age group with severe mental health needs, or those racial and ethnic minorities that have such limited access to services in the community.

SB 1004 is set for hearing in the Assembly Health Committee on Tuesday, June 19, 2018, so letters voicing your concern need to be received by the Committee this Wednesday, June 13, 2018 at noon!! Please send your letters of concern (updated if you’ve already written) to the Assembly Health Committee Chair at:

Chairman Jim Wood, Assembly Health Committee, State Capitol, Room 6005, Sacramento, CA 95814, FAX: (916) 319-2197

Thank you for your advocacy –

Carol M. Sewell, MAG, Legislative Director, California Commission on Aging, 1300 National Dr., #173, Sacramento, CA 95834, (916) 419-7594





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