2017 Annual Meeting Abstract Submission

SUBMISSION DEADLINE:  March 13, 2017 (by midnight)

Welcome to the 2017 CCGG Annual Meeting abstract submission site!

CCGG is currently seeking abstract presentations for its 37th Annual Meeting from students, faculty members, aging service providers, and all others working in gerontology and geriatrics throughout the state of California.  We welcome abstracts which examine scientific, education, workforce development, policy, and advocacy issues in the field of aging.  Presentations which represent one or more of the following focus areas related to the conference theme, “Rethinking Aging: A New Age, A New Opportunity,” would be especially appropriate.


  • Aging Science (to share findings from aging-related research studies)
  • Investigations of the Future (to provide an overview of in-progress research studies and programs)
  • Insights from the Field (for overviews of educational or service programs in the field or at academic institutions)


Be prepared to provide the following information in your application.  You will not be able to make any edits once your abstract has been submitted unless you contact us office@ccgg.org.

1. Presentation Title
2. Presentation Track Selection
3. Primary Author (Name, Degree, Institutional Affiliation, Email Address, Phone Number)
4. Co-Authors (Name, Degree, Institutional Affiliation, Email Address)
5. Abstract* (250 words or less)

In your abstract, please include the following components:

* For Aging Science submissions, please include the following–

(1) Background
(2) Objective(s)
(3) Methodology (if applicable)
(4) Results / Analysis
(5) Conclusions / Implications / Lessons Learned

* For Investigations of the Future submissions, please include the following–

(1) Background
(2) Objective(s)
(3) Methodology (if applicable)
(4) Expected Results / Planned Analysis
(5) Expected Conclusions / Implications / Lessons Learned

* For Insights from the Field submissions, please include the following–

(1) Program Background
(2) Program Goals
(3) Program Activities
(4) Intended Program Outcomes
(5) Expected Program Impact

Questions?  Contact us at office@ccgg.org.