CCGG Membership

The benefits of a CCGG membership are numerous.  As the foremost organization devoted to aging advocacy and education in the state of California, CCGG endeavors not only to advance the cause of gerontology, but also to support those who work in the field, including health care professionals, service providers, academicians, students, volunteers, and all others.  In addition to this support, CCGG members enjoy opportunities for leadership and service roles, professional networking and advancement, and exposure to cutting-edge research findings from multiple spheres of gerontology and geriatrics.

Please join CCGG today as we seek to promote a healthier, happier, and more vibrant aging experience for all Californians.


Apply or renew online today to join CCGG!

Download our membership brochure to learn more about the benefits of CCGG membership.


Membership Rates

Individual Membership ($95.00)

  • Individual members enjoy opportunities for leadership and networking in the field, discounts on annual meeting registration, connections to course resources and advice via topic listservs and the CCGG membership directory, updates on policy and research developments, nomination privileges for annual awards, both running and voting privileges for CCGG elected offices, options for posting and receiving employment information, and more.

Student Membership ($35.00)

  • Includes all the benefits of an individual membership at a reduced rate.  Student members may particularly gain from opportunities to serve on committees, to share their research, to learn about research from adjacent fields, to meet professionals working in their area of interest, to connect with other student and faculty members of CCGG; to serve as a CCGG Student Ambassador, and to earn scholarship funds.

Elder Membership ($35.00)

  • Includes all the benefits of an individual membership at a reduced rate.  Elder members enjoy the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise, to influence policy decisions, to connect across generations, and to serve as mentors, advocates, and aging role models by providing information and perspectives to improve quality of life for all Californians.

Institutional Membership ($225.00)

  • Includes full membership benefits for three individuals of the member organization.  An institutional membership also features a discounted membership rate compared to the individual membership rate, the ability to nominate institutions for annual awards, and the opportunity for programs, activities, and achievements to be highlighted within the CCGG network and the broader gerontology community.

One thought on “Join CCGG

  1. I am very interested in attending this years conference. I was given a scholarship(ARC) for last years attendance in Sacramento. I found it quite informative and fun.


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